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Editor: Wm. James Davis
ISBN: 978-0-9822654-0-6
Pages: 278
Drawings: 254
Photos: 140
(paperback in black & white)
Price: $24.95 USD
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TE Volume 1: A resource for naturalists and nature video journalists
This first volume of the Terra Explorer series offers a compelling new approach for experiencing the natural world. Naturalists of all persuasions will enjoy this book, as it delivers valuable insights into the lives of birds. The author offers a guide for aspiring nature video journalists.
   The well researched material is uniquely organized to inspire ideas for video-annotated stories to share with other enthusiasts as part of the Terra Explorer Project.
   Volume 1 is organized into three sections: the first contains 21 behavioral profiles including detailed drawings of North American birds; the second presents eight movie scripts, complete with storyboards, with each covering a different behavioral topic such as play and food hoarding; and the last section, contains 57 stories covering birds, insects, mammals, and reptiles extracted from the Terra Explorer Project.
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Author: Wm. James Davis
ISBN: 978-0-9822654-1-3
Pages: 176
Drawings and maps: 185
Photos: 115
(paperback with color photos)
Price: $19.95 USD
free shipping within the US
and Europe
Australian Birds: A guide and resource for interpreting behavior
Australian birds are as astounding to watch as they are beautiful. The dawn chorus of Laughing Kookaburras, courtship displays of Satin Bowerbirds, and mound building of Brush-turkeys are three of many examples. Naturalists visiting this island continent often find the actions of resident birds puzzling. Indeed, many animals of Australia have evolved extraordinary behaviors to cope with unpredictable circumstances.
  This book delves into the life histories of Australia's most noted avian fauna. In the first section, key behaviors of twenty-nine species are described and beautifully illustrated. Short essays found in the second half reveal unique adaptations of species living in diverse habitats. This guide presents an enlightened perspective on how birds behave, socialize, and survive Down Under.